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Give a helping hand

Lockdown time has made us appreciate our freedom, especially if we are able to go out independently. Not all of us can, and lots of us have already reached out to vulnerable people in our communities who need an extra pair of hands. How can you help?

  • Shopping for someone 

  • A  bit of gardening

  • Companionship - perhaps dropping round to a neighbour for a chat in the garden or even a regular weekly phone call could be a lifeline for someone isolated

  • Driving a neighbour to the shops or for a Dr's appointment

  • Or ask them what would be helpful.

Image by Andre Ouellet

Community Vibes

Things have changed, it's not going to be the same anymore, for better and for worse. But we can each play our part in the better to come. I've been prompted to join our local community organisation and can't wait to meet up when we can & be involved in something positive to benefit more than just my family.


What can these community initiatives involve? 

  • Improving our area & facilities to all

  • Community areas - parks, community gardens

  • Access to learning, clothing, food 

  • Helping the vulnerable

  • Any other ideas? What are you involved with that we can share here?

Community Garden
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