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Fun Times with Family

Some of our best memories of lockdown will be fun, special times with our family. Other than holidays, when would we get such a long period of time with our family? This has been unique and I think most people will look back at this time fondly. Obviously this has been profoundly sad, lonely and heartbreaking for some too. For those with family around them here is what we'd like to carry on in the future: 

  • Bonding time with our children

  • Time to teach them constructive things (cooking, gardening, life skills)

  • Take time to cook together

  • Family meal times together, at least one meal a day. Take time to listen to each other (and without devices at the table).

  • Spend quality time with our parents.

Family Cooking

Teach Your Kids Life Skills

Lots of families have spent time home schooling, with varying degrees of success. Our family have appreciated having more time on our hands to spend teaching our kids other life skills, which are just as important as school. they have helped so much more around the house too. These can include the kids:

  • Riding a bike

  • Planning a meal

  • Making a smoothie or a salad

  • Setting up a cafe and serving their parents/siblings. From writing the menu to making the food and arranging the bill and payment

  • Helping with the laundry

  • Gardening & growing seeds

  • Building a den/shelter

  • Learning to swim (when pools open again)

  • Sewing or knitting & creating clothes and blankets for their toy animals


Children in the Garden

Long-Distance Friend Time

Lockdown time has helped us appreciate our friends and we've been able to make time for those really special in our lives. Let's embrace it and for those who we can't meet up with face to face, we can carry on with FaceTime or Zoom calls. How about: 

  • A regular zoom pub quiz

  • A themed lunch with friends, all cooking the same themed food and talking about a certain topic or destination. 

Outside Dinner
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