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Revolutionize Your Marketing Strategy: The Top Ideas for 2024!

Use these tips in your marketing plan this year for greater visibility and engagement with your customers.

Digital marketing has advanced beyond recognition over the past few years and for small businesses it can be a challenge to know where to target your limited marketing spend and resources.

These tips will help as a reminder of what tools are out there and what could work for your business.

1. Short-form video content

How much more captivating and engaging is this short video, than a still image of the same thing? Short-form video content is usually thought to be less than 60 seconds. It's simple to capture on a good smart phone and can be instantly uploaded and shared on social media. Great for showing your customers your new product arrivals, or views from properties if you are promoting in the travel industry. A recent HubSpot marketing report dubbed short-form video as the most popular and effective social media content format in 2024. So it's one to check out, plus importantly it has the highest content ROI (return on investment) than all other formats.

2. Content is still king - how do you share yours?

a man sat at a desk doing a podcast

Make other forms of content work for you too and make yourself or your organisation an authority on certain areas and create awareness. Whether you are a good with words and compelling storytelling to write lots about your small business (new products arriving or services you offer and the benefits people receive from what you do). Choose blogs, articles, regular website updates and don't forget social media!

Or perhaps you prefer talking to your customers and building rapport one-to-one, why not think of starting a podcast? The average listener spends 7 hours listening to their favourite podcast app. Can you tap into this too? Is there a theme you can base your podcast around that also can introduce your product or service at suitable times? Can you share your experience within your industry or bring in humour to attract your audience. What is your unique selling point? A podcast could be perfect to showcase it and strengthen your marketing strategy in 2024! How to Start a Podcast: Complete Step-by-Step Guide [2024]

3. Social media apps into ecommerce platforms

a lady in the street holding her mobile looking at social media

Are you a tiktok whizz or an insta influencer? Whether your business depends on one platform or all of them, social media could drive higher ROI than ever in 2024. Social media is no longer just a place to show off your products or your latest event photos. Drive your customers to your social platforms and they can buy your products and services here from the new ecommerce functions, without even having to step a finger on your website. Make sure branding is consistent across all platforms. And develop a platform strategy, certain types of content performs much better on certain platforms, so it's worth putting time in to understand where your products or services would be best promoted to ensure most customer visibility and very importantly sales conversions.

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